What are our occupations? We have four businesses in Sydeem Girafe.
  1. Cash management and banking communication: cash management and liquidity management of the company, and means that support communication between the bank and the company; such as electronic files transfer. It requires a server at one end (the bank) and communication software at the other end (the enterprise).
  2. Management Payroll and Human Resources: allows the calculation and publication of payslips, but also an adaptable software to all local specificities.
  3. Consolidation and Financial Reporting: enables the publication of the consolidated financial statements to IFRS or OHADA standards, and financial reporting for groups.
  4. Assistance & support: assists you at any time via our web platform support, and listen whenever you want to better understand your business and to better meet expectation and needs.
What is our value?

We provide our customers with advice for choosing solution that best fits their needs; we proceed with the implementation of the software, users’ training according to their needs and core activities. We continue to assist our customer 24/7 through our platform web support: Sydeem Web support. Our added value can be summarized as : 

Advice, Implementation, Training and Support.

What is it about Sydeem Girafe ?

First, Sydeem Girafe is a combination of skills, known and recognized talents in the West African market.

Our clients benefit from:

  1. Business expertise
  2. Quality of services
  3. Listening and support you deserve.

After more than 15 years of experience in Sage France, global reference Editor and our partner, as well as Sigma Conso , we want to bring our expertise to African Businesses. So, we have a vision, and conviction to be useful to African businesses and our economic and monetary zone: UEMOA / ECOWAS.

Discover our Products & services

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